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We hope you enjoy our Agriculture Journal. We will curate articles, post tips, share some tricks of the trade and other useful information. Check back often for our latest articles and feel free to drop us line and suggest a topic that you would like to see researched! Have a great day and enjoy.

chilliwack plowing match
We love agriculture
chicken growers golf for canuck place
Horse bedding delivered by Denbow
Denbow grinding hazelnut trees

Hazelnut Tree Grinding

Hazelnut Tree Grinding With orchards of hazelnut trees being…
BC Home and Garden Show Award
Margaret Dunn, Joe Neels and Steve Heppel serving egg sandwiches In Vancouver

BC Poultry Conference

Today Michelle is at the BC Poultry Conference in Vancouver. …
Poultry Bedding - Newborn Chicken stands by the water supply

BC Poultry Stats

We received this infographic from the BC poultry associations. …
Poultry Bedding

Poultry Paper

Poultry Paper now available via Denbow!  Just one call, and…
Premium Mulch

Fresh vibrant Coloured Mulch

2015/03/04Our crew in the yard has been busy making up fresh…
We love agriculture

Eat Chicken!

Support our local BC poultry industry, and eat chicken! Check…
the chicken story by Denbow

The Chicken Story

The Chicken Story: Here's a fun activity for your kids or grandkids! …
Chicken Squad Episode 5

Chicken Squad - Episode 4 & 5

In Episode 4 & Episode 5 of the Chicken Squad series, we…
Poulty In Motion

Poultry In Motion™

Educational Mini BarnWith farms off limits to visitors due…
Denbow Chicken Squad Episode-2

Chicken Squad - Episode 2 & 3

We continue to enjoy the Chicken Squad episodes!Episode 2…
Chicken Squad Episode 1

Chicken Squad - Episode 1

Last month we shared with you the Chicken Squad trailer, featuring…
Denbow chicken squad official trailer

Chicken Squad - Official Movie Trailer

We are very excited to share this fun, fast-paced Movie Trailer:…
We love agriculture

BC Chicken Growers' Association

This Friday, March 14, we will be exhibiting and participating…
We love agriculture

Agriculture Matters

We are proud to serve the agriculture community in the Fraser…
We love agriculture

SALE! Sawdust for berry plants

Take advantage of our two week SALE on sawdust for berry fields!! Call…
We love agriculture

Importance of Canadian Agriculture

Agriculture. It’s the production of food. It fuels our economy.…
We love agriculture

Funding announced for berry industry

An investment of more than $2.8 million was announced recently…
We love agriculture

Southlands - Vancouver's equestrian community

Denbow delivers horse bedding to various clients in the Southlands…
We love agriculture

Equestrian Bedding

2013/11/13Ask us about bonus AIR MILES for new equestrian…
We love agriculture

Equestrian Air Miles BONUS

We love agriculture

The Mane Event

Denbow and GreenScene Agritek will be exhibiting at The Mane…
We love agriculture

Equestrian Air Miles Promotion!

2013/09/30We have a new Air Miles® promotion for October…
We love agriculture

Greenscene Agritek

Denbow is a managing investor of start-up company GreenScene…
We love agriculture

Clayburn Village Project Profile

The City of Abbotsford has an Integrated Stormwater Management…
We love agriculture

Vancouver Urban Gardens

Denbow has worked with SOLEfood Farms installing soil into some…

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