In this video from the field, we get a perspective on how the hose is set up for soil and mulch to be blown up to the 5th and 2nd floors.  We are proud to be working with North by Northwest on West 6th in Vancouver on this project.

We are in a unique position to provide soil that meets specification (we blend our own soils) and provide installation service using our fleet of blower trucks.  It’s a combination that many landscapers and contractors take advantage of, being able to trust us to get the correct soil placed efficiently for multi-storey projects.  We continue to improve our processes for hose setup as building designs get more intricate. We have blown soil as high as 16 storeys and welcome the challenges that rooftop gardens bring!

Interested in all the products we install up to rooftops?  Download the PDF: Greenroof & MultiStorey Installations


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