A Collaboration for Cultural/Ecological Development

It’s no surprise that Denbow loves to partner with innovative architects and designers to deliver the best products for both large- and small-scale jobs. We have recently had the pleasure of collaborating on an incredible project: Oakridge Park. This is a new development being built in downtown Vancouver. This will be a place where patrons can live, work, shop and enjoy various opportunities for cultural involvement. Each building has been paired with interiors carefully crafted by world-class designers including Clemande Burgevin Blachman, Piero Lissoni, and others.

Denbow has supplied the contractors for this project with specially formulated soil acting as the base for the 28-acre site. This project is being carried out in 2 separate phases, with Phase One currently underway.

Oakridge’s Designers

Oakridge Park will consist of 5 residential buildings, all featuring incredibly detailed interiors.

The first of these featured buildings is a collaboration between Westbank and Azuma Makoto, a flower artist from Fukuoka, Japan. We can see this building featuring a lot of his signature “haute couture” plant and flower installations in the future. This building will also feature an “East” style inspired by Japanese design, a “West” style featuring European influenced interiors, and a “Contemporary” style focused on luxury and simplicity.

Clemande x Oakridge will be a fully furnished living space designed by Clemande Burgevin Blachman whose six principles for creating the perfect home are: “generosity, integrity, originality, independence, simplicity and freedom”. All furniture in these homes is curated by Clemande herself.

Piero Lissoni x Oakridge features designs inspired by the beauty of the mountains and forests in the Pacific Northwest. This building also features 70 estates on the upper floors called the “Palazzi”. These estates have a Milanese aesthetic which will prove to be unrivalled in their timeless luxury.

Sergio Castiglia x Oakridge will be a wonderful addition to Oakridge as Castiglia has been in practice for 40 years and truly puts his full potential into each project he chooses to take on. This particular building will continue to focus on the natural and organic beauty of Vancouver, banking on the incredible views offered by this lots positioning.

Working, Shopping and Creativity at the Cultural Hub

Spanning 9 acres, The Park at Oakridge Park will serve as the central hub for the entire community. Featuring six spaces, each with their own identity, a running loop, retail spaces and a food court. Patrons can expect a stage with live music in the park. Those living within the neighbourhood will be able to go to the Community Centre seven days a week to access a multitude of services.

An interesting collaboration to further this hub will be a new Goh Ballet studio and performing arts centre which will provide not only entertainment, but chances for dancers and world-class performers to truly showcase their talent.

Community development projects are those we love to be involved in. We can’t wait to see the growth as Phase One comes to a close and Phase Two begins!

Explore Oakridge Park and learn more here.