The Project 

City West Vancouver restoration of the Navvy Jack House

It is the oldest continually occupied house in Vancouver area.

Denbow was called in to install our Fir/Hem Mulch into the beachfront yard.   This is a temporary measure to help present a clean appearance of the yard to users on the Centennial SeaWalk that runs along the beach in front of the house.

It is an honour to participate in such an important project for City of West Vancouver.

“On March 7, 2022, Council passed a resolution to allow the Navvy Jack House Citizen Group and other private fundraisers until March 31, 2024, to raise $1.6 million towards a current estimated capital cost of $2.6 million to restore the Navvy Jack House, on the basis the House will be operated as a Cottage Coffee operation at the existing location but raised to address sea level rise.

The House would be restored to its original approximate 800-square-foot footprint. Council decided it is no longer pursuing the possibility of a bistro/restaurant, or a mixed public/private use. Council has reaffirmed its previous commitment to fund up to $1 million from Community Amenity Contributions for the restoration project.”

Fir/Hemlock Bark Mulch is a natural reddish-brown that we make in-house from local BC bark. It helps to suppress weeds and contrasts well with plants, providing a natural look to landscaping. We screen to a 1” minus size that can be used in all types of shrub and planting beds.

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