True Costs of Blowing in Soil

the true cost of blowing in soilTo have a highly successful lawn or garden, one of the most important components is the soil. When majority of people are looking at building up soil, they consider simply adding as much of it as possible to their gardens. Not only is this highly ineffective, it is also time consuming, whether you choose to do it on your own or to hire someone else to do it for you. There are other options available, one of them being blowing in soil to install all that you need for the perfect soil layer.

Here is how you can go about understanding the true costs of blowing in soil.the true cost of blowing in soil 1


Simply put, when you are blowing soil you replace a considerable amount of manual labor with machinery. This ensures that you get the job done better and faster, making the process highly reliable. In addition to being faster, the entire process is more efficient which minimizes overall costs. Another advantage of blowing soil is that it can be done at any time of year without worry that you will cause damage to the surrounding soft or wet terrain.


When you are looking for a solution that will guarantee full coverage, blowing in soil is a great option. Soil can be easily installed on almost all types of terrain, even in areas that are typically hard to reach. These include spaces that are located on slopes which are steep, yards that are narrow or include stairs, or even multiple storeys high. the true cost of blowing in soil 2 

True Cost of Labor

When calculating the cost of labor, there are two ways that are charged traditionally. The first is by the hour and the second is by the square foot. This might not even include the cost of the materials that you are going to use, and the cost of delivering these materials. With having soil installed via blower truck, you will normally pay one set price for the material and time to complete the entire process including cleanup. This can cut down your overall costs considerably, and is low-risk.

Advantages of blowing in soil

To understand the real benefit of blowing in soil, you need to consider the following factors: –

  • Labor costs – These are greatly reduced – your labour time can be used elsewhere, no wheelbarrows needed for soil.
  • Clean and neat – When using the traditional methods of installing soils, you will need to have stockpiles of soil for movement. With blowing in soil, the soil that you need is inside a truck, cutting down unsightly piles that create a mess.
  • Accessibility – By using hose to place soil exactly where it needs to go, there is no damage from equipment to surrounding hardscape or softscape.
  • Environmentally friendly – You will also help the environment when blowing soils as you cut down on wasted soil and dust. This is essential when you have vegetation that might be sensitive.
  • Final look – Blowing soil results in a look that is more even and professional.
  • Retaining Moisture – Blowing soil helps to keep the moisture in your soil, making it easier and more economical to grow the plants of your choice

In a nutshell, blowing soil is less expensive and more efficient than traditional alternatives. Furthermore, there is also the benefit of lower stress levels and less worry. Choosing this option can completely transform your approach to gardening and landscaping.

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