Municipal / Infrastructure

We serve local, regional and provincial government agencies as well as school districts, providing a variety of solutions.

From bulk delivery of mulch, soil and playground fibre, to technical solutions for slope stabilization, erosion & sediment control and flood prevention – we have the expertise that you need.

Departments that reply on our professional services include parks, school district maintenance, engineering, horticulture, city gardeners, environmental coordinators, field services, etc.

Just wanted to thank you guys for taking care of all our sites in such a timely manner and making the City of Surrey a priority. Also, the work that has been carried out has been perfect and the guys on site have been great & done a fantastic job. Thanks again.

Aaron WilliamsonCity of Surrey Parks


Erosion & Sediment Control

Denbow designs and installs complete Erosion & Sediment Control, Slope Stabilization, Land Reclamation, Streambank Restoration and Stormwater Management packages.

Our unique natural, compost-based products mean erosion is virtually eliminated and runoff sediment is controlled. Our advanced installation technology ensures the project is completed with minimal impact to the worksite and surrounding areas. Our products meet or exceed municipal ESC bylaw requirements.

completely installed terraseed field in north vancouver bc

Using compost-based products and our Terraseeding™ process, Denbow creates lasting vegetation that rejuvenates & stabilizes the earth while looking beautiful. We provide both Terraseeding™ and Hydroseeding services, with the expertise and experience to guide you toward the right choice for your application.

Playground wood chips

Denbow’s Playhip Top-Up Program makes playground surfacing top-ups easy for BC school districts, BC parks and municipalities. Our program is the cost-effective solution to maintaining playground surface safety, usually completing multiple playgrounds per day.


Playchips Ground Cover

Denbow manufactures, delivers and installs wood fibre PlayChips for schools, parks and residential customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Using only clean, virgin wood that is ground and screened to specified dimensions, Denbow PlayChips are 100% organic, all-natural, and contain absolutely no chemicals.

Black Mulch

We process, deliver and install premium mulches for use in landscaping.  All our mulches offer excellent weed protection, water conservation and curb appeal to your property while protecting your plants from hot and cold weather.


Our quality blended soils are start with organic green waste compost and then are mixed to meet various specifications.  Produced following stringent guidelines, our soils are regularly laboratory tested to ensure the production of a consistently high quality product.