Filtrexx FilterSoxx Soil Retention

Filtrexx® FilterSoxx™ Sediment Control

Filtrexx FilterSoxx Soil Retention

Filtrexx® FilterSoxx™ is a geotextile mesh tube filled with filtering material to control erosion and retain sediment in disturbed areas.

Compost filter socks provide a three dimensional filter that retains sediment and other pollutants (e.g., suspended solids, nutrients, and motor oil) while allowing the cleaned water to flow through. All Denbow’s Filtrexx® products fulfill municipal Erosion & Sediment Control bylaws.

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Filtrexx FilterSoxx Manhole Protection

Where should I use FilterSoxx™?

Compost filter socks are applicable to construction sites or other disturbed areas where stormwater runoff occurs as sheet flow. FilterSoxx™ can be used in place of a traditional sediment and erosion control tool such as a silt fence or straw bale barrier.

Filter socks are flexible and can be filled in place or pre-filled and moved into position, making them especially versatile. Filter socks used for sediment control are usually 8 inches in diameter, but are also available in12 , 18 and 24 inch diameter.

Applications include:

  • silt fence alternatives
  • straw bale replacements
  • substitute for common construction site BMP’s
  • living retaining walls
  • living dyke systems
  • streambank restoration
  • slope stabilization & revegetation
  • attractive landscape features

Filtrexx FilterSoxx technologies utilize nature’s own systems in order to control erosion and improve stormwater quality.

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