Putman Poultry Paper

Putman Poultry Paper

Poultry Bedding - Newborn Chicken stands by the water supply

Placing paper with feed under the drinking lines guides new chicks to both drink and feed as quickly as possible.


  • Paper “guides” chickens to the drinking-water system
  • When touched by chicks, the poultry paper produces a rustling sound which attracts the animals
  • Improved distribution of chickens throughout the barn – Improved weight gain in the first 7 days
  • Greater uniformity of the flock – Better insulation therefore lower mortality rates
  • Breaks down in the litter – highly degradable
  • One call to order sawdust and paper
  • Supplied & delivered at the same time as your sawdust delivery!
  • Available in 1850 feet rolls, 30″ wide.

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