Multi-Storey Installation

green roof soil installation by Denbow in Vancouver BC

A very popular, growing trend in urban residential and commercial development is gardens and planters on above grade levels.  For landscape contractors and builders, getting soil or growing medium onto these high storeys can become a pain staking process.

Consider this: Denbow’s blower trucks install soil onto multiple levels in one day – the only requirement is a reserved parking space!  Explore how we can increase your productivity with soil placement by blower truck.  We have blown up 16 floors – and would welcome the challenge to beat that!

Blower truck technology provides a safe, efficient and cost effective solution to providing soil and aggregates where they are required. Our experienced team of operators know how to set up the hoses for a good balance of efficiency and safety.

Another contractor cancelled an important meeting with me, I was in a rush and Denbow met me the next morning on site.  It was appreciated.  I was blown away with the customer service and quick response to my needs.   We deal with numerous strata complexes where soil is required in some of the most awkward locations. Often blowing is the best option however it takes some creativity to make it work and not create a mess. We rely on and appreciate the professionalism of your staff to work with us on coming up with a solution or plan to get the job done.

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