The Rexius EcoBerm® eliminates the need for plastic silt fencing. No matter what the terrain, the EcoBerm® can be installed with minimal effort as compared to silt fence or other methods requiring ditching and reinforcement. This tested and proven product* has revolutionized sediment control by providing an option that is not only earth friendly but proven highly effective.

Your crew’s work was excellent. Very professional and the hillside looks very good. Please thank them for me.

James WiensClearbrook Waterworks District


  • Over 99% Effective*
    In a Certified Erosion Control testing facility, an EcoBerm® has shown to be over 99% effective in reducing soil loss. These test results show that EcoBerm® compares with the highest rated BMP’s in the industry in similar conditions.
  • Cost Competitive with Existing BMP’s
    EcoBerm® not only maintains a low cost for installation, but does not require removal or disposal and the expense associated with that extra process.
  • Consistent Installation
    The patent pending BermBuilder™ combined with a single step pneumatic application and Microblend® additive creates a dependable system that insures the berm is installed to meet specified dimensions, and installed correctly with 100% ground contact.
  • Biofiltration CapabilitiesUnity School berm
    An independent lab* has shown that the combination of Microblend® and the compost/mulch used to make EcoBerms greatly enhances the ability of the material to degrade hydrocarbons as water flows through its three dimensional matrix.
  • 100% Organic, Recycled & Reusable
    EcoBerm® uses no plastic materials in its construction. The fibrous matrix it forms with the help of the bonding capabilities of Microblend® give the necessary structure needed without non-biodegradable reinforcements. Made with recycled organics, the compost/mulch blend can be used as an earth friendly soil amendment at the completion of a project.EcobermPics

Other Advantages of EcoBerm®:

  • May be seeded if left as a permanent part of the surrounding landscape
  • Conforms to all-terrain conditions
  • No ditching, staking or reinforcement necessary
  • Low impact to surrounding area, physically, visually and environmentally

EcoBerm®, the BermBuilder™, and Microblend® were tested at San Diego State University’s Soil Erosion Research Laboratory and shown to reduce soil loss by over 99% in tested conditions. An S.T.A. approved independent microbiology laboratory, BBC Laboratories of Tempe, AZ, tested and showed that Microblend® greatly increased the hydrocarbon degradation capabilities of the compost/mulch materials used in EcoBerm®. Test results are available upon request.



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