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  • Bulk Transport Services

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Bulk Transport Services

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Bulk Transport Services by Denbow:

With a distinctive look recognized along the highways and byways, Denbow has built a comprehensive fleet of trucks.  This allows us the ability to deliver bulk materials efficiently throughout southern B.C. and northwestern Washington state.

For your bulk transport needs, our walking floor trailers literally ‘walk’ the materials out of the trailer into a pile on the ground.  We can deliver various quantities in our 53’ straight trailers, B-train trailers, or box trucks.   We can haul a different quantity of material depending on legal weight, so check with us as to what amount we can currently carry.

We also have specialized Bulk transportation which include our Belt-Out Trailer and Slinger trailer.  Depending if you need your product dropped directly in a spot, or sling into place, we ave the right piece of equipment for you

We also deliver locally in the Fraser Valley with our one-ton dump truck, which can carry 1 to 14 cubic yards of material.  This option is perfect for hobby farms and homeowners who don’t need too much material.

As well we also deliver product in our 1 yard tote bags through our Easysoil Delivery.  No mess easy delivery.

No matter how much or how little product you need, we can help – call us today to arrange delivery.

We originally contacted Denbow because we were looking for another decorative alternative to rock and regular fir/hemlock bark mulch that was also in a comfortable price range. Our customers are very pleased with the variety of selections and that the product color lasts longer and doesn’t decompose as quickly. Love the vibrant colors and of course the price levels. Denbow’s staff is always friendly, willing to listen and accommodating even given that we are a small landscape yard. Always recommend Denbow for the quality and cost of the products as well as the service received. We have also referred Denbow’s mulch blowing service for the unreachable backyards and slopes.

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