Construction & Landscape Support

We offer solutions from pre-construction through to site finishing for builders and developers of residential, commercial and industrial projects.  


  • onsite grinding of land-clearing brush
  • erosion & sediment control
  • rooftop installations of soil, aggregate and mulch
  • finishing touches on landscaping

When time and labour are short, we can help meet project timelines by taking care of product installation.  We also ensure that specifications, testing and analysis are available to designers & planners for certified solutions.

Very happy with your guys and the quality and quantity of their work. Especially compared to the guys we were dealing with before. The difference is night and day! I am glad we found you.

Scott MandersonMulberry Property Group


slope revegetation - EcoBlanket

Slope stabilization services help remediates erosion to restore and protect water quality using natural engineered growing mediums and vegetation for riparian applications.

completely installed terraseed field in north vancouver bc

Using compost-based products and our Terraseeding™ process, Denbow creates lasting vegetation that rejuvenates & stabilizes the earth while looking beautiful. We provide both Terraseeding™ and Hydroseeding services, with the expertise and experience to guide you toward the right choice for your application.

Grinding and screen services to grind up waste wood products

From large trees to land-clearing brush, Denbow’s two horizontal Rotochopper grinders can handle it.  The grinder on tracks is a huge advantage when working on sites that have piles of brush spread around that need to be ground.


greenroof soil installation overhead picture of the installation

A very popular, growing trend in urban residential and commercial development is gardens and planters on above-grade levels.  For landscape contractors and builders, getting soil or growing medium onto these high storeys can become a pain-staking process.  Consider this: Denbow’s blower trucks install soil onto multiple levels in one day – the only requirement is a reserved parking space!  Explore how we can increase your productivity with soil placement by blower truck.

Landscape aggregate blown in with blower truck

Aggregate is efficiently installed with Denbow’s pneumatic Express Blower trucks. Installing aggregates with blower trucks eliminates the need to dump, wheelbarrow and shovel – instead, aggregate is installed into place through hose.  We blow round rock up to 1″ diameter.

Blowing Soil

Green roof installation services provide solutions to several urban environmental problems – and Denbow solves the problem of how to get soil up to the roof… install it with blower trucks.