Brief Background:

Oakridge Park is a new development in Vancouver bringing nature, community and revolutionized retail together in one place. The idea behind this addition to the Vancouver skyline is to create a space where designers of all types can showcase their creative visions. This is a space where people can live, work, and thrive. The project will be carried out in two phases.

Scope of Denbow’s Work:

Denbow was commissioned by the contractors of this project to provide a soil blend for both vegetated areas (Phase One) and high foot traffic areas (Phase Two). This will help lay the groundwork for the project.

Our soil for vegetated areas is a specialized blend derived from our PlantZone, perfect for the large area that these plants will be placed.

The soil blend for high traffic areas will help with the structure and drainage of the area where it is placed. This soil with be able to withstand high traffic while avoiding mass amounts of compaction.

To look deeper into this amazing project, visit the Oakridge Park website here.

Our premium planting blend is made for and used by professionals & homeowners alike. The proper proportions of clean compost and sand go into this soil so that plants trees and shrubs will thrive for years to come. Meets or exceeds BCLNA landscaping standards; quality controlled and lab tested.

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