In 2021, a wildfire devastated the village of Lytton in BC, destroying 90% of the village and causing numerous displacements. While the devastation of this wildfire is still felt today, efforts to rebuild are at their beginning stages. Denbow has had the privilege to be a part of these efforts, installing Eco-Blanket to multiple areas of the village, helping to re-establish vegetation.

Denbow has visited two sites now, the Battlefield Community Centre Food Hub and the re-opened Post Office.

Scope of Work at the Battlefield Community Centre Food Hub:

Installing Terraseeded Eco-Blanket with Tackifier at a depth of 2” on a slope bank surrounding two sides of the parking lot and driveway.

Scope of Work at the Post Office:

Terraseeding a 3229 square foot area.

Slope area that was disturbed during remodelling behind the building, wrapping around the medical center needing to be revegetated.

While we know many still face hardships brought on from this wildfire, we truly hope that our help in revegetating the lands will kick-start efforts to get Lytton back to being fully functional.

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