Snow Blower Services

Planning a winter-themed film production, festival or party? Our blower truck crews are able to create convincing, natural looking snow-covered settings! A great alternative to synthetic snow or paper, there is no cleanup required with real snow – it just melts away!

We have lots of experience working on various sets with the special effects team.  Just some of the projects we’ve worked on include: Elf, The Grey, Wolf, Night at the Museum, X-Files, Riverdale, commercials for Coors, Mercedes, Kohl’s and many more.

Also perfect for that special winter themed party you’re planning – add real snow placed exactly where you want it, to add that extra sparkle to your party!

I have used Denbow to blow fish ice (snow) for dressing movie and commercial sets. I have not been disappointed with the service. Trucks arrive on time and the work is efficient and uncomplicated.  We  had a freeze up on the auger but the operator knew the issue and had the blower working again in under 15min. The freeze up was due to the fact the truck staged for two hours (production companys fault with scheduling) before we started blowing. Both the operator and the swamper were very service oriented and listened to our directions regarding dressing. Good guys.

DarcyAarin Mackay Productions Ltd.

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