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Here at Denbow, we aren’t just out to make profits, we are out to build people and set them up for long-term success in our community. We believe that this approach is what builds lasting relationships, healthy communities and inspires loyalty and creativity that leads to innovation.

Hard work is easier when it is fun, safe and you don’t have to do it alone!

EL Drivers and Labourers

  • Do you enjoy working outdoors in various weather conditions?
  • Do you like working in small to medium size groups to complete tasks?
  • Do you thrive in situations where each day brings new challenges and opportunities
  • Are you interested in work that involves teamwork and collaboration to accomplish tasks?
  • Are you excited to use your problem solving abilities to tackle unexpected situations head-on?

If this describes you, you might be well suited to working with our Environmental Landscaping (EL) Division

AG Drivers and Labourers

  •  Do you like to work on your own, or in small groups to complete tasks?
  •  Do you like consistency in your day with tasks you can master and perform daily?
  •  Are you excited about having a reliable routine that allows you to plan your days effectively?
  •  Are you the type of person who appreciates the comfort of familiarity and finds pride in contributing to consistent productivity?

If this describes you, you might be well suited to working with our Agriculture (AG) Division

Mechanic and Shop Assistant

  • Do you enjoy the variety of tasks involved in mechanical repair, from routine maintenance to complex diagnostics?
  • Do you enjoy working with your hands and with a variety of tools and machinery?
  • Do you enjoy the satisfaction of completing a task or project, especially when it involves fixing or improving something mechanical?
  • Are you someone who enjoys tinkering with machinery or vehicles in your spare time, even if it’s just for fun or out of curiosity?
  • Are you naturally curious about how things work?

If this describes you, you might be well suited to working with our Shop

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