Poultry Bedding

Poultry Bedding

Poultry Bedding - Newborn Chicken stands by the water supply

Denbow has been delivering quality poultry bedding with exceptional customer service to Fraser Valley farmers and producers for over twenty-five years.  Our dispatch process is dedicated to working with your clean-out and placement schedule to get sawdust installed at the optimal time for you. We take biosecurity seriously, taking extra care as our trucks and crew move between farms.  We also do not haul poultry litter in our trucks that haul sawdust – to ensure no cross-contamination.

We have built relationships with Coastal Mills as well  in order to ensure a consistent and quality supply of sawdust year round:

Poultry Sawdust (Coastal) is produced locally and is the most popular sawdust/shaving we deliver and install. It is bright, great smelling, lightweight and soft; making it more comfortable for your poultry. This is an excellent choice for urine and ammonia absorption, odour and fly control. Because it is produced locally it makes it more economical. It is a mix of Cypress, Hemlock, Fir, and Cedar.

Delivery is available in various quantities and in bulk push-out delivery or blown directly into barns.

I find your company always very informative, stick to your schedule very well, very friendly, etc.  I always appreciate it when they let us know ETA of the truck.  Great company to deal with. Always friendly and very prompt!

Corona Farms

You can expect excellence from Denbow:

  • we deliver on the scheduled day, with a reminder text or call the day before
  • we value our clients comments
  • we take bio-security seriously and do not haul poultry litter in our trucks
  • our team strives for a safe work environment
  • a fantastic team of professional, courteous people here to serve you!

We love what we do and the people we serve.

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