Slope Stabilization Services

Slope Stabilization

Slope stabilization is often necessary to control erosion, restore riparian vegetation & protect water quality.  We use natural engineered growing mediums together with Terraseeding™ to provide top performing slope stabilization.

With innovative EcoBlanket®, Cascadia’s MSE Living Wall System, and Filtrexx® products together with Terraseeding™,  we offer a wide range of long-lasting, ecologically sensitive solutions.  As each site is unique, our toolkit of solutions can be specifically adapted to each project for peace of mind.

From residential back yards to large-scale Ministry of Transportation infrastructure projects, we have experience in working together with planners, landscape architects and engineers to design a solution.  Then working with general contractors, builders and landscapers to ensure a quality installation at the appropriate time – you can trust Denbow to provide a quality experience from design to vegetation.

Your crews’ work was excellent. Very professional and the hillside looks very good. Please thank them for me.

James Wiens - Clearbrook Waterworks DistrictClearbrook Waterworks District

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