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    Green roof soil installation

Installation Services

Denbow offers our customers a full variety of installations services like Blower Truck Services, Terraseeding services, Playchip top ups, blowing snow for TV, movies & commercials. See how we can improve your project success through quicker installation services and lower costs. Call today to learn more.

completely installed terraseed field in north vancouver bc


Seed is injected directly into the growing medium (soil/compost) as the material is blown into place.  Excellent for turf establishment as well as erosion control, with optimum moisture and nutrient availability for your vegetation.  Yields best results in terms of establishment and health over the long run.

Roof Installation services

Multi-Storey / Rooftop Installations

Above-grade gardens and planters are here to stay in urban development. Getting soil and aggregates up can be a labour intensive job – but not with our Express Blower fleet!  We install soils and aggregate above grade – with experience blowing rooftop garden soils as high as 16 floors, we can handle it!  Our experienced team of operators are professional on jobsites and can install materials quickly with little distrubance.

Blowing pea gravel into foundation - 100 Mile House

Aggregate Installations

From ground level to the top of high-rises, we blow aggregates! We blow round rock up to 1″(25mm)  in size. Our pneumatic Blower trucks can efficiently and easily install in just about any application – including hard-or-impossible to access locations such as rooftops, crawlspaces, woodland trails and severe slopes.

Roof Installation services

Green Roof Installations

We transport and install quality rooftop garden and green roof soils/ growing media using our Express Blower Trucks. Blower truck technology provides a safe, efficient and cost effective solution to providing soil materials where they are required. Denbow has experience blowing rooftop garden soils as high as 16 floors!

Slope stabilization services beside a canadian highway

Slope Stabilization

Denbow uses natural forest residuals to restore and protect slopes from erosion.  With innovative Filtrexx® products like Filtrexx Bank Stabilization™, EcoBlanket®, and Cascadia’s MSE Living Wall System, we offer a wide range of long-lasting, ecologically sensitive solutions.

Denbow represents forward-thinking solutions for stabilizing slopes, and provides a proven approach to erosion control that out-performs traditional products.