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Playground Wood Chips

For more than a decade Denbow has manufactured, delivered and installed engineered wood fibre (EWF) PlayChips for schools, parks and residential customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

EWF has a similar appearance to landscape mulch, but has been designed specifically for playground use. It is manufactured from clean, virgin hardwood with no bark.  Twig and leaf materials are removed and it is ground and screened to a fibrous consistency and specified dimensions, with individual chip sizes typically no larger than two inches long. It is clear of hazardous substances, like chromated copper arsenate, making it a very safe choice for use by and around children.

Denbow PlayChips are 100% organic, all-natural, and contain absolutely no chemicals. Our playground wood chips have more critical height than most playground materials, weaving together to form a soft, spongy surface that is easy to walk and safe to play on.

The Mission School District needed a reliable source of safe playground material, along with the option of blower installation into our playgrounds.  Denbow has given us great results with their product and service!   Jared and other staff have been very friendly and professional.  It is a challenge at times working around the school schedules and Denbow has been flexible and cooperative with us.  I would recommend Denbow to others for quality material supplied or installed.

Rod BarkerGrounds Foreman, Mission School

Playground wood chips prevent injuries. Did you know?

Falls are the main cause of playground injuries, accounting for over 70% of injuries needing medical care. Across Canada, 28,500 children are treated every year for playground injuries, and three-quarters of those incidents result from children falling onto inadequate play surfaces that fail to buffer their falls.

Denbow certified PlayChips provide a certified, cost effective and clean option that prevents injuries from falls, meeting ASTM 1292 standards of impact attention from 14 feet when placed at a depth of 12″ compacted.

For standard recommended depths, check out our blog post “How deep should I put playground material?”

Playground Wood Chips

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