• South Fraser Perimeter Road Terraseeding

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South Fraser Perimeter Road

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SFPR Provincial Capital Transportation Project
Approximately 40 km long, South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) Highway 17 is a new four-lane expressway along the south side of the Fraser River.

It is part of Highway 17, connecting the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in southwest Delta to 176 Street (Highway 15) in North Surrey. Strategically located, the SFPR connects to many major highways and bridges. The new highway benefits local businesses, the transportation industry, tourists and commuters with improved traffic flow.

The SFPR portion of Highway 17 was built by and is maintained by Fraser Transportation Group (FTG). The $800 million project included new roadways, interchanges, major intersections, bridges, and extensive revegetation.

Revegetation Solution
The engineer, Stantec Consulting Ltd., faced a significant challenge in regevetating many of the disturbed areas due to the sand base. Denbow was contracted to provide Terraseeding™ services – a solution that enabled seed establishment within the applied soil. In this case, the growing medium was required as many of the disturbed areas had no topsoil – just sandy base. Terraseeding performed well, with vegtation establishment exceeding expectations.

Terraseeding is a Ministry of Transportation approved product in British Columbia.

Project Team

Engineer: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
General Contractor: FTG Constructors
ESC Contractor: Denbow

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