The Aftermath of the BC Floods of 2021

British Columbia, Canada is renown for its stunning Provincial Parks and Lakes.  When the floods of 2021 decimated the beaches of our Fraser Valley local  Cultus Lake in Chilliwack, it was disheartening and appeared to be a long road ahead to re-establish it’s beauty for visitors and locals.

Crews had a massive job ahead of them, after rushing flood waters transformed the once-pristine campsites into a disaster area. It was devastating as the rushing waters ripped through, leaving rocks, silt and trees everywhere.

Docks were destroyed or covered with wood debris as the waters receded. Picnic tables were buried, barely visible.   The beaches were covered by branches and trees.  With Sunnyside Campsite being hit the hardest.

Government bodies, city officials and the local Parks board worked quickly together to plan repair and return of Sunnyside beach back to order, ready for visitors once again.

The wood debris was piled up onsite and then trucked to a location where the action of recycling o the wood debris started  through wood grinder onsite. Denbow trucks loaded the wood efficiently right off the grinder and transported to our local location for days.  This woodwaste is then made into Mulch for your garden, recycling and returning this natural product to nature.

Within a few weeks, tons of woodwaste were removed from the Sunnyside Campsite and surrounding area through the collaboration of many teams.  Now becomes the time to rehabilitate the beaches further for our enjoyment.