Following the devastating deconstruction of many regions in BC in the aftermath of November 2021’s catastrophic flooding, there was massive damage to Highway 8 between Merritt and Spences Bridge, closing it fully for several months. Roads were wiped out, the river created new paths and 14 bridges were destroyed.

This section is also known as the Nicola Highway.  Highway 8 was part of the first automobile route connecting BC’s Lower Mainland with Alberta and is integral to the transportation of goods and service.

Springline Construction received the responsibility to repair and reinforce small section of slope between Highway 8 and the Thompson River, just a few kilometres East of Spences Bridge, which had sustained erosion damages due to the massive flow of water.

Denbow worked under Springline Construction to follow the direction of BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure to stabilize this section with Denbow’s highly successful EcoBlanket application.  The bank was restructured with specific layers of Riprap, a bench creation, and then quality soil with stabilizer was blown on top by Denbow’s Express Blower trucks and team in order to provide the ‘green’ portion of this project.

One of the importance’s of adding Denbow Ecoblanket over the rough rock surface is to specifically provide a habitat for animal crossing along the water’s edge rather than on the roadway.  Transportation engineers have been successfully incorporating wildlife passages through sections of riprapped slope.

Some other highlights which were considered especially in the face of floodwater and intensive rainfalls erosion are:

  • Establishes a buffer to absorb rainfall energy
  • Slows velocity of water run off, allowing natural percolation of rainwater into soil
  • Improves existing soil structure and biology
  • Accessibility to remote and difficult to reach areas