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Farmers: Brian & Jewel Pauls

Faithful clients of Denbow, the Pauls family (Alderwood Farms) were recently honored as the BC Yukon Outstanding Young Farmers. We have had the pleasure of serving the Pauls for years and years – first Frank, and now Brian as he has taken on more responsibility from his father. As a family run business ourselves, we enjoy partnering with other local family run businesses, especially in the farming community.

When Brian and his wife Jewel were honored with the award, he claimed to own “only one farm,” with 17,000 broilers and 55,000 caged white and free range brown layers, but he also manages the family’s “multiple” egg, broiler and turkey farms in BC and Saskatchewan. “We raise broilers, pullets, layers and turkeys and grow a multitude of crops which use a lot of chicken manure,” the Pauls say.

The Pauls holdings may rival some of the mega-farms in the US, but their operational model is completely different. “We buy family farms and hire families to live on and manage them,” Pauls says, noting this gives opportunities to people who may not have the capital to own their own farm.

Brian has had a life-long interest in farming. When he was still a toddler, his father welded a carseat onto the tractor so Brian could accompany him around the farm. Although he went to study agriculture at the University of BC on a scholarship in the mid-1990s, he jumped at the chance to return home after just a year when his father offered him the opportunity to become the farm manager. [Chilliwack Progress News Article]

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