Doug Ewing - Denbow Govt Project Manager profile

Government Project Manager: Doug Ewing

The comprehensive onsite composting and revegetation project at the Nordic venue for the 2010 Olympics is the largest government project Denbow has completed to date. Doug Ewing, Project Manager says:

“The driving force behind going with the compost EcoBlanket was two-fold. We had some very steep slopes we had to control for erosion, and there are not many natural products that can be put on the slopes to control it. The other deciding factor was again coming back to what we thought was environmentally right to do. It was our geotechnical engineer that recommended the use of this. We sat down with Denbow and went through the properties of what the material could do, specifically around the erosion control; we were very happy it and the product is proving itself out.

We chose to do things that are different than is normally done on a civil based construction site with wood waste. It’s exactly as we hoped – it’s getting a lot of attention, we did the right thing from the environmental point of view, and we’ve reduced burning. We’ve provided a product that makes the site look like it’s been here the last 20 years; no sediment going into the creeks and ditches. A barrier we considered was people’s perception: is it worth the cost? The proof is in the pudding: no harmful wasteful burning and the slopes are greened up.“

Doug has used the following Denbow products and services…


Whistler onsite composting by Denbow - 2010 Olympics

From large trees to land-clearing brush, our horizontal grinder can handle it.  Our 2015 Rotochopper grinder on tracks is a huge advantage when working on sites that have been cleared.

Blower Truck Services -Denbow

With Denbow’s Blower Truck Service, the time-consuming, labour-intensive task of manually placing landscape materials is a thing of the past.


Erosion Control - EcoBlanket

The Rexius EcoBlanket® is rated one of the highest methods available for stopping erosion in its tracks. EcoBlanket replaces the natural layer of humus that already protects our undisturbed soils.

completely installed terraseed field in north vancouver bc

Using compost-based products and our Terraseeding™ process, Denbow creates lasting vegetation that rejuvenates & stabilizes the earth while looking beautiful.