Serving both landscape professionals and residential customers, Denbow faithfully provides excellent service, quality products, and a variety of delivery options to fit your unique needs and situation.

Whether you choose bulk delivery, blown-in installation from our large fleet of pneumatic blower trucks, or to pick-up from our Fraser Valley yard, Denbow landscape services “cover more ground” for you.

Denbow is great at working with our logistically challenging sites and schedules.  Jared makes things happen. Schedules often change last minute and you accommodates those changes.

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blower truck services

With Denbow’s Blowing Service, the time-consuming, labour-intensive task of manually placing landscape materials is a thing of the past. Using our sophisticated fleet of Express Blower™ trucks, our trained and skilled operators place bulk materials precisely where needed, up to 400’ from the truck. Plus, there’s no mess left behind, and no damage your landscape.

completely installed terraseed field in north vancouver bc

Using compost-based products and our Terraseeding™ process, Denbow creates lasting vegetation that rejuvenates & stabilizes the earth while looking beautiful.

Rooftop soil installation

Denbow’s blower trucks install soil onto multiple levels in one day – the only requirement is a reserved parking space!  Explore how we can increase your productivity with soil placement by blower truck.

mulch bulk delivery

With a distinctive new look recognized along the highways and byways, Denbow has built a comprehensive fleet of trucks.  This allows us the ability to deliver bulk materials efficiently throughout southern B.C. and northwestern Washington state.



Our quality blended soils are comprised of organic green waste compost, then mixed to meet various specifications. Produced following stringent guidelines, our soils are regularly laboratory tested to ensure the production of a consistently high quality product.

Black Mulch

We process, deliver and install premium mulches for use in landscaping.  All our mulches offer excellent weed protection, water conservation and curb appeal to your property.

Playground wood chips

Denbow manufactures, delivers and installs wood fibre PlayChips for schools, parks and residential customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Using only clean, virgin wood that is ground and screened to specified dimensions, Denbow PlayChips are 100% organic, all-natural, and contain absolutely no chemicals.