Horse Bedding

Horse Bedding

Blowing Horse Sawdust

Denbow has been delivering quality bedding to Fraser Valley equestrian facilities for decades.  We also supply wood chips, ground cover and hog fuel for a variety of applications. Delivery is available in various quantities and in bulk push-out delivery or blown directly into barns, paddocks and other areas. We supply a variety of bedding types to meet our customers’ unique horse needs.

  • Cypress Sawdust is preferred sawdust/shavings for horse bedding. It is produced locally at our coastal sawmills; it is green sawdust, not kiln dried – reducing dust. Cypress is yellow in colour and has a very nice smell.
  • Alternately, Spruce Pine Fir (SPF) is another option. It is a drier sawdust from the interior; is white in colour and a different cut. It is more costly due to the trucking required from interior BC sawmills.

We have been using Denbow for 10 years. Excellent customer service and your drivers are the best in the industry. You have valued us and continued to provide your excellent services and products to an independent customer. Continue your excellent service!

Malena Coon

You can expect excellence from Denbow:

  • we deliver on the scheduled day, with a reminder text or call the day before
  • we value our clients comments
  • we take bio-security seriously and do not haul poultry litter in our trucks
  • our team strives for a safe work environment
  • a fantastic team of professional, courteous people here to serve you!

We love what we do and the people we serve.

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