Greenroof soil

Specialty Soils


Denbow can now provide you with our in-house premium green roof growing media – SkySoil. Made from the highest quality ingredients, thoroughly tested and light weight. We offer bulk delivery or installation right onto the roof via blower truck. The sky is the limit with our green roof SkySoil.


Our StructureZone structural soil is made with a proprietary blend of gap graded rock, stabilizing compound and the proper soil to meet specifications. StructureZone is integral to street tree growth and stormwater management , while still retaining the ability to support hard surfaces. Whether it’s 1 truck load or 100, Denbow is poised to provide you our quality StuctureZone structural soil for your next project.


Our TopZone lawn top dressing soil is a blend of particle sized sand and and premium compost. Screened to 3/8’s minus, it is the perfect addition to lawn maintenance program. Best applied twice yearly in the spring and the fall. TopZone is ideal for use after core aeration, power raking or when overseeding. This a excellent lawn care product that can be used by professionals and homeowners alike.

Custom Blends

Specifiers, planners, landscape architects: Writing a soil specification?  Contractors/landscapers: Require delivery of a specific soil blend? We also custom blending of soils to meet your needs.  Contact us today to discuss your project.

I was blown away with the customer service and quick response to my needs.   We deal with numerous strata complexes where soil is required in some of the most awkward locations. Often blowing is the best option however it takes some creativity to make it work and not create a mess. We rely and appreciate the professionalism of your staff to work with us on coming up with a solution or plan to get the job done.

Pneumatically-blown Soil

In many applications, it makes sense to have our skilled crews save you precious time by blowing-in our soil blends for you. With our fleet of blower trucks, soil is easily blown up multiple storeys for greenroofs, rooftop gardens, etc. We have blown soil 16 storeys high and 400 feet from the truck!

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