Streambank Restoration

Streambank Restoration

Streambank Restoration

Streambank and shoreline stabilization remediates erosion to restore and protect water quality using natural engineered growing mediums and vegetation for riparian applications. Denbow uses natural forest residuals to restore and protect streams, rivers and ponds that are among the most delicate and controlled environments our clients face.

With innovative Filtrexx® products like Filtrexx Bank Stabilization™, EcoBlanket®, we offer a wide range of long-lasting, ecologically sensitive solutions.

The crew was punctual, knowledgeable, helpful and professional.  They were able to complete the job better than promised.  They were honest and clear on the subject of cost and scheduling. Commitment, punctuality and professionalism are the words that best describe your company.

Masoom Construction

Denbow is the Filtrexx® certified installer for British Columbia.

The Filtrexx toolbox contains compost-based erosion and sediment control solutions. Filtrexx® FilterSoxx™ are three-dimensional tubular geofiltration socks used in a variety of water-body related sediment control applications:

  • living dyke systems
  • streambank restoration
  • slope stabilization & revegetation
  • filtering sediment on construction sites
  • attractive landscape features

Filtrexx FilterSoxx technologies utilize nature’s own systems in order to control erosion and improve stormwater quality.

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