• Grinding and Screening Services

Grinding and Screening Services

Denbow  offers onsite Grinding & Screening Services of waste wood products from your job site. With a full equipment offering we have the right experience to effectively and professionally assist you with removing landclearing debris or waste wood from your property.

We also accept clean wood waste and green waste debris from select commercial haulers into our yard in Chilliwack for recycling.

Call us today for a free quote on how we can recycle your land clearing debris or wood waste.

product manufacturing of wood by-product into a finished product

Onsite Mobile Grinding

From large trees to land-clearing brush, our horizontal grinders can handle it.  We have two Rotochopper grinders – the one on tracks is a huge advantage when working on sites that have been cleared. While many of our clients till in the grindings, there may be an opportunity for us to recycle the ground wood for fuel – ask us.

Whistler Onsite Composting with AG-BAG system

Onsite Composting

Using the portable AG-bag system, Denbow is able to compost directly on-site, with little odour and minimal carbon emission.  Onsite composting is an opportunity to use wood waste in ways that keeps most of the organic material in its original ecological system and enhances conservation.

Product Manufacturing

In an effort to improve the quality of the products we were delivering and installing, a number of years ago we started to produce some of our own materials.