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Onsite Woodchip Grinding at Denbow

Onsite Mobile Wood Waste Grinding: From large trees to land-clearing brush, our horizontal grinders can handle it.  We have two Rotochopper grinders – the one on tracks is a huge advantage when working on sites that have been cleared. While many of our clients till in the grindings, there may be an opportunity for us to recycle the ground wood for fuel – ask us.

Rotochopper grinding equipment transforms raw materials like pallet scrap, asphalt shingle waste, sorted C & D, and forestry slash into premium fiber products with unmatched simplicity: color enhanced landscape mulch, animal bedding, biomass fuel, compost, and asphalt cement supplement (from shingles).

Combining remarkable versatility with “Perfect In One Pass” grinding precision, Rotochopper electric and diesel horizontal grinders deliver the particle size, texture, and even color you need from your raw materials. We’ve built a strong reputation for grinding innovation with unique solutions for specialized recycling applications, including purpose-built grinders for shingle waste and wood chip processors for tree care waste.

Denbow has exceeded my production expectations on a 46 acre land clearing project in Pemberton, BC. With quality equipment and operator, the stump and slash grinding was completed faster and more cost effective than any other grinding company I have used in the past on similar projects.

Cam McIvorFestival Land Company, Pemberton BC

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