denbow fishing fraser river

At Denbow,   our team likes to work very hard.  And for that hard work, we also like to play hard.  So, after a very busy Spring season here at Denbow, we took an opportunity to spend an afternoon on the Fraser River with our team enjoying the amazing experience of Sturgeon Fishing.

Our highly experienced Jet Boat operators knew where these giant fish were swimming below the surface, waiting to give us a fight of a lifetime.  There were many epic battles of the river that day with stories of fish so powerful that it took all the strength our anglers to land these fish.  The largest fish that was caught 7 feet long.  Taller than our tallest fisher.  The smallest was just over 2 feet long.  But hey, a Sturgeon catch it was.

As a team, we couldn’t have asked for a better time.  The weather was perfect.  The adventure and excitement was excellent.  And the company was even better.  We would like to thank Great River Fishing for taking great care of our team and the Wildcat Grill Express food truck for feeding us a great meal afterwards!