Highroad Academy Garden

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Highroad Academy Garden.  True to a Fraser Valley fall, Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz and Teacher Michelle Johnsrude cut the ribbon in the rain.

Highroad Garden 1

“A place to grow and learn”, this garden is a joint school/community project as the students will be growing produce and giving it to the local Food Bank, Cyrus Centre & Ruth and Naomi’s.  Denbow was privileged to donate the soil for this School Farm.

Highroad Garden 3

Congratulations to the teachers, students and other business supporters.  Grow, garden, grow!


Year End Celebration

This week we had a Year End Celebration for our 2013-2014 fiscal year.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner from the Wildcat Grill Express food truck, beautiful weather and celebration of a successful year!  Way to go, team – here’s to another strong year!


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