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We now offer online credit card payment – a secure form where you can easily submit credit card payment any time of day or night.

Accessible on our Contact Us page (left side) or click here.

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Terraseeding™ on House of Bryan

We were excited to see the Terraseeding process used by Bryan Baeumler on “House of Bryan“!  Our friends at Landsource Organix in Ontario did the application.

house of bryan


Safety in Squamish

One of our crews is up in Squamish today, installing safety surfacing (PlayChips) into various parks.  They sent us this beautiful picture!  #beautifulbc #denbow

2015 11 10 Squamish PlayChips

Still Smiling

One of our crews is working on a very steep slope today in the cold and rain – and they’re still smiling!  #DenbowSelfie  #ourcrewisthebest

2015 11 05 Erich & Usman on North Construction project