Landscape Design: A Beautiful Wall

Landscape design plays a big role in the determination of land value. The amount of maintenance applied to landscaping can be a factor in how marketable a residential, commercial or industrial property will be.

When landscapes become shabby or appear depleted due to soil erosion damage, not only does property lose value but it can be a potential hazard. Landscapers in greater Vancouver are innovative, creative problem solvers who daily solve a broad range of landscaping issues for their customers. One of these conundrums is, “How do you maintain a beautiful, living and organic aesthetic while solving practical soil retention needs on a property?

Introducing Living Retaining Walls

Naturally, many British Columbians pride themselves in utilizing environmentally responsible techniques to achieve the desired results.  What if a retaining wall solution didn’t need to have the have the hard lines and constructed feel that most retaining solutions employ?

Living Retaining Walls present a unique and innovative “natural-looking” solution for protecting sloping areas from soil erosion and shorelines from loss of stability. The Cascadia Green Wall system is an engineered design that consists of geogrid and filter socks layered in tiers that support a green root system. When the installation is complete, the end result is picture perfect and pleasing to the senses. More importantly, soil is stabilized and returned to environmentally sound use.

Beautiful Retaining Wall

Natural, Sustainable Protection

Property owners may have observed that when soil begins to erode, the lower sections of soil strata weaken. Over time, this weakness can cause a collapse that can be hazardous. Though soil erosion may not be as evident at the outset, over time erosion creates an uneven appearance to the landscape. Environmentally-conscious landscapers are now seeking to alleviate this situation with green Living Retaining Wall systems. Landscaping experts may also replace and retrofit existing retaining walls with minimal disruption of the overall landscaping design.

Cascadia Green Wall systems create natural buffers that comply with nature and environmental needs. In areas where water runoff causes soil erosion, the landscaper may also install a rain garden to remediate excess water problems.

The True Value of Green Living Retaining Walls

The true value of a Green Living Retaining Wall lies with the lush, green vista it creates while it provides an underlying support for soil. To learn more if a Green Living Retaining wall might be a viable solution for you or your customer, contact us or visit our Cascadia Green Wall page.