20 Reasons Why You Should Use Mulch In Your Garden

20 Reasons Why You Should Use Mulch In Your Garden

Are you interested in saving time and money while giving your garden the best chance to succeed? Are you losing too many plants in the heat of summer or the frost of fall? Here’s our “simple” solution that should help you out. Use Mulch!! It’s nature’s best way to protect plants, add nutrients and save on water.

Here’s are 20 reasons why you should use mulch, bark mulch or coloured mulch in your garden.


1. Adds organic matter to your soil, which helps make your garden healthier and more resistant to pest and plant disease.

2. Provides valuable slow-release nutrients and prevents vitamin loss in plants which saves you money on fertilizer and ammenders.

3. Helps retain moisture in the soil. Mulch acts as a natural roof and insulation layer to protect the soil from the sun. This helps prevent excessive evaporation of water and helps regulate the soils temperature.  This helps utilize the minimal amount of rain water we get in the summer and helps save with the amount of water we use.


4. Shades delicate seedlings from too much sun since it acts a natural roof and shade.

5. Reduces time spent watering. More time to tend to other tasks and (this is getting redunant) helps save water!


“Mulch can retain up to 70% more water in the soil than unmulched soil.”


6. Is a great insulator by regulating soil temperature – keeps roots consistently cool in summer and warm in winter which reduces the amount of plant stress and typically provides for a richer, stronger plant.

7. Provides a natural barrier to help prevent weeds. The interlocking layer of mulch prevents the air born weeds from getting rooted in your gardens soil. If weeds do get a start, mulch makes pulling weeds easy.

8. Increases biological activity in your soil by providing beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms with food. Both of which are great for your plants!

9. Improves soil conditions – helps to bind sandy soils and open up clay soils.

10. Saves you time and energy in prepping and cultivating your soil.

11. Stops nutrients from leaching out of the soil.

12. Protects plants from frost damage by acting as a protective covering. We’ve mentioned this before but we felt the insulating factor of mulch is too important to not mention again.


13. Provides a clean surface for produce like fruit and nuts to fall, ready for harvesting.

14. Improves soil drainage and structure as it decomposes.

15. Provides support around plants especially young seedlings. You can “pile up” a little mulch around weaker steams giving the young plant the extra help it needs to thrive.

16. Recycles waste materials. This is one of the main principles that we operate from. We LOVE to recycle forest residuals into useful products.

17. Protects plants from heavy rain. The protective interlocking nature of mulch protects and helps bind together the plant structure.

wheel barrow full of mulch

18. Prevents erosion and soil compaction particularly from foot traffic on pathways and play areas.

19. Improves the visual appearance of your garden. Especially if you use a beautiful coloured mulch.

20. Can provide a home for plant-friendly insects.

We love to hear from you so please either share this with your friends or you can email us any questions you might have. We hope you enjoyed our 20 Reasons for Mulch.

Thanks to the Micro Gardener for the some of the ideas we used for this article.


Playground Wood Chips the Better Alternative to Rubber Mulch

Fresh mulch for spring landscaping

Spring is definitely in the air here in the beautiful Fraser Valley!  At Denbow, that means we are busy building our stock by processing fresh piles of mulch.


What are the benefits of mulching landscape beds?  Most of us hate pulling weeds – and mulching at 2-3″ depth every other year will help keep those pesky weeds under control.  But did you know that mulching also helps retain moisture for your plants as well as maintain a better temperature for your plants?  By mulching in the spring, you’re preparing for hot summer weather.  The mulch will keep the soil cooler during extremely hot weather.  Mulch also protects the soil from eroding and depleting.  And of course, your landscape looks tidy, vibrant and beautiful!

Available in Black or Red, coloured mulch is the best choice for weed control and longer lasting colour.  Made in-house for best quality, ask for it delivered bulk, blown-in or stop by our yard with your pickup truck.


Terraseeding™ on House of Bryan

We were excited to see the Terraseeding process used by Bryan Baeumler on “House of Bryan“!  Our friends at Landsource Organix in Ontario did the application.

house of bryan


BCSLA Showcase in Whistler

David is meeting Landscape Architects today in Whistler at the BC Society of Landscape Architects annual Showcase.  The display illustrates our Cascadia Living Wall System, EcoBlanket®Terraseeding™, Filtrexx Check Dam™ and Bioswales as well as info on all our Green Infrastructure products & Services.

BCSLA Showcase 2015 (2)

















BCSLA Showcase 2015
















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