Perspective on Soil

“What you see depends on how you view the world. To most people this is just dirt. To a farmer it’s potential.”  Doe Zantamata

Coaching in Haiti

Bill Boesterd, President of Denbow, coaching business owners in Haiti

There’s a saying, ‘give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a life time’. Partners Worldwide understands that opportunity, and engages business owners and professionals to come alongside small and medium business owners in developing countries, to coach and mentor them to grow their businesses, and thereby alleviate poverty.


One of Bill’s passions is coaching and mentoring, within  his own business, at Trinity Western University in the School of Business, and now working with Partners Worldwide in Les Cayes Haiti.  Together with a group of business owners from the Fraser Valley, Bill has been making 2 trips a year to Haiti for the last 3 years.

Having recently returned from Haiti, Bill was encouraged that this trip was again a step forward as a teaching tool was introduced in the form of a business workbook, Growbook, written in Haitian Creole.

One of Bill’s observations “I see people who were existing from day to day, now having hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is the foundation for a dream, and dreams are being built.”