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Fresh mulch for spring landscaping

Spring is definitely in the air here in the beautiful Fraser Valley!  At Denbow, that means we are busy building our stock by processing fresh piles of mulch.


What are the benefits of mulching landscape beds?  Most of us hate pulling weeds – and mulching at 2-3″ depth every other year will help keep those pesky weeds under control.  But did you know that mulching also helps retain moisture for your plants as well as maintain a better temperature for your plants?  By mulching in the spring, you’re preparing for hot summer weather.  The mulch will keep the soil cooler during extremely hot weather.  Mulch also protects the soil from eroding and depleting.  And of course, your landscape looks tidy, vibrant and beautiful!

Available in Black or Red, coloured mulch is the best choice for weed control and longer lasting colour.  Made in-house for best quality, ask for it delivered bulk, blown-in or stop by our yard with your pickup truck.


Mulch – A Gardeners Best Friend

A QUICK PRIMER ON MULCH – Gardener’s Best Friend

Source: Master Gardeners Association of BC

“Plants feed from the soil, and mulch develops the kind of soil that makes healthy plants.  When we force our plants to rely on fertilizer rather than healthy soil for food, they become stressed from forced growing, incorrect balance of nutrients, and drought at the air-soil barrier.  Relying on fertilizer is like relying on candy for nutrition: a short-term buzz, but a long-term problem.

There are four aspects in gardening.  Mulch addresses the improvement of all of them.

1.  The SOIL

  • Improves structure (i.e. balance of sand, organic materials, bio-available minerals)
  • Controls moisture levels.  Studies show moisture retention at 6, 18, and 36 inches is higher with mulch than without.  Highest moisture is at 6 inches, where most of feeding and delicate roots are found.


  • Improves drainage as well as movement of water
  • Prevents erosion and compaction of soil
  • Moderates temperature

2.  The PLANTS

  • Provides nutrients as it slowly composts, giving your plants a season-long feeding.


  • Directly suppresses pathogens and pests
  • Enhances and feeds beneficial organisms
  • Neutralizes pollutants (from studies on land reclamation in Washington State, and Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon in Vancouver)


  • Economic: recycles organic materials so it is less costly to maintain landscape, conserves water, decreases need for pesticides
  • Aesthetic: provides a uniform, clean, tended look to your landscape
  • Ease of application: throw it down, walk away
  • Ease of weeding: mulch kills many weeds.  The more vigorous ones that sometimes grow through it are easy to pull because they have little in the soil below.  Weeds that propagate by root runnners move up into the mulch so are easily pulled out to their full length.”


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Fresh vibrant Coloured Mulch


Our crew in the yard has been busy making up fresh batches of beautiful Red and Black coloured mulch.  It’s here and ready for your landscaping!  Pickup yourself, order delivery or have us install for you with our blower trucks.

Earn FIVE TIMES Air Miles if delivered/installed by March 31…




Mulch now!

It is not too late in the year to mulch your landscape beds…  Mulching helps retain moisture for your plants – extra important in the hot weather we’ve been experiencing here in the Fraser Valley!



We offer delivery options for your mulch needs… choose from:

bulk delivery (in a pile in your driveway)

installation (directly into your landscape beds with our blower trucks)

– pick up (you pick up at our Chilliwack facility with your truck)




Not sure what kind of mulch you’d like?  Check out all our mulch info, or feel free to stop by to view our products!

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