Landscape Design Ideas for 2016

Landscape designs evolve over time.  The way a designer or homeowner develops a landscape design plan depends on the specific climate, soil type and property size. In spite of these variables, there are general trends in landscape design that change from year to year.

New landscape design ideas for 2016 that we are seeing include creating proportional depth with landscaping terrain and utilizing colour as a tool to turn dull landscapes into spectacular vistas.

Design trends: rustic, minimal and natural

To give landscape design proportional depth, one must consider the terrain you will be working with. Three popular design trends for 2016 include: rustic, minimal and natural.

In eastern Canada, landscapes tend to have rustic designs in rural areas and minimalist designs in urban areas. In western provinces, landscape designs may include rustic, minimalist or look as if there is a seamless fit between professional landscaping and nature.

Landscaping designs for 2016 are abundant with natural colour and enhancements like trees, shrubbery and flowers for gardens.

Landscape design ideas 2016

Structural landscape design features

Landscape designs feature structural accents like gazebos, pagodas, fountains, arbors, trellises, espaliers and pergolas. To add interest and depth to landscape design, today’s professional landscapers provide naturally looking ponds and fountains in unique styles. Gazing balls, free-standing planters and garden statues also add to landscape appeal. These add a dash of colour to solidly green areas.

Choose a style for your landscape that best suits land use and visual appeal. Landscapes with bowers of trees can become a quiet area by simply adding benches. Consider having your professional landscaper add a circular “tree hugger” bench to provide a shady area to read or contemplate nature.

Rocks and water

One landscape element for 2016 includes a balance between solid rock and the fluidity of water. Perhaps, the contrast between rocks and water offers property owners a sense of a lasting, peaceful landscape. If you choose this option, consult with a reputable professional landscaper with experience in this type of design. Experienced landscape designers turn a lackluster landscape into the perfect contrast of rocks and water that DIY attempts cannot create. A professional landscape design provides not only for immediate enjoyment of a serene property but also improves it’s long term value.

Vancouver landscape artists prevent soil erosion

BC residents are fortunate to have access to many experienced landscape designers. Part of the job of a landscape expert is to design with the prevention of soil erosion in mind in order to promote an environment of healthy plant growth. Throughout British Columbia, these experts utilize Denbow’s state-of-the-art landscaping materials and technical products to refresh commercial and residential properties with today’s newest designs.

Landscape professionals may choose to use Cascadia Green Wall systems to restore or retain areas that may be eroded. The Cascadia Green Wall system is environmentally and aesthetically pleasing to landscapes that require retaining walls. 

Sustainable Development - Cascadia Green Wall System

Work wonders with mulch

An element of landscape design that is gaining popularity in 2016 is the use of coloured mulch. Consider the effect of coloured mulch to a landscape that lacks sufficient colour or needs to offset an abundance of green trees and shrubbery. This is a great way to make a style statement that perks up your landscape. Choose black or red coloured mulch, depending on the existing plants in your front or backyard garden.

To cover bare spots, wood chips are environmentally safe and also reduce the growth of weeds. Mulch and wood chips are also popular because these products reduce the amount of landscape maintenance and help the soil retain moisture.

Leading landscape designers choose Denbow

With over three decades of experience serving the landscape industry, Denbow is a top landscape materials provider for landscape design companies who rely on quality materials for their unique designs. Denbow’s highly accessible service team and 100% commitment to customer success are key reasons Denbow is recognized as an industry leader.  Denbow would be happy to recommend a landscape professional in your area.