Dairy Bedding

Dairy Bedding

Dairy Farm

Denbow has decades of experience in delivery of high quality animal bedding products to the agriculture industry.

We have an all-season steady supply of quality Whitewood Shavings available. They are high quality and at the right moisture level to ensure cow comfort and absorbency. Our material is sourced directly from a primary sawmill, eliminating the possibility of contaminants such as glue.

Denbow’s dairy bedding aims to keep cattle dry and clean at the most economical price, helping farmers to reduce costs and increase profits. We have dry storage and a modern, reliable fleet of varying sized trucks able to deliver any amount needed.

Ian delivered a load of hog fuel to my dairy heifer farm in Langley this morning, it is a snug older farmyard but he maneuvered the truck in there. Good driver with an awesome personality. Thanks!

Evan GislerHiding Acres Ltd

You can expect excellence from Denbow:

  • we deliver on the scheduled day, with a reminder call the day before
  • we value our clients comments
  • our team strives for a safe work environment
  • our main phone line is answered live 24-hours a day
  • a fantastic team of professional, courteous people here to serve you!

We love what we do and the people we serve.

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