Denbow Staff Christmas Videos!

We had a little fun with some staff members… for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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Merry Christmas from Denbow!

Denbow’s team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We are thankful for our relationship with you and look forward to seeing you in 2014 🙂

Christmas Card 2013 web

Our office over the holidays are:
Christmas Eve – closed at noon
Christmas Day & Boxing Day – closed
Friday December 27 & Monday December 30 – open 8am-5pm
New Year’s Eve – closed at noon
New Year’s Day – closed
Friday January 2 – open 8am-5pm


Enjoy your time off!



employee profileWilletta Les

This month we would like to introduce you to our Office Manager, Willetta Les.  We have been blessed to have Willetta on the Denbow team for over twelve years!  To celebrate her 10 year employment at Denbow, we helped her achieve her dream of traveling around Europe early this fall.

Willetta started at Denbow fresh out of the University-College of Fraser Valley after completing a Business Administration Diploma.  Her first role was receptionist.   Through time and experience she has worked her way to her current role of Office Manager.

We have seen Willetta challenge herself to take on many more roles over the years.  She is self-taught in so many areas here at Denbow and learns from others around her.   Because of her keenness to learn, she will often come across as incredibly knowledgeable in the field of all things environmental; even though she has no schooling in it. J  Willetta will never say she ‘can’t’ do something until she has at least given it a try.

Willetta’s passion is anything that requires creativity.  Her favorite tasks are creating brochures, website material, and all other marketing that requires design work.  Because she loves creating things, Willetta and her sister, Leanne started their own business ‘Sister Made’ in which they create canvas’s, photo cards and many other items theysell online and at a variety of craft fairs.   This keeps them very busy and they love it.   You can read more about them here:  Sister Made

She is also called ‘Auntie Willy’ by her 4 nieces and takes this job seriously.   Willetta is appreciated by all her co-workers, friends and family for her generosity and being able to be counted on to help out in any way possible.  If there is ever a need, Willetta is one of the first people you can rely on to be there with a meal, kind words or a very nice hand-crafted card.

We look forward to many more years of working with Willetta.  Who else will keep us inspired to dream about traveling around the world?

employee profile photos - willetta les

Willetta in Holland, Ephesus Turkey, and with her newest niece


Family Christmas Breakfast & team photo

Last Saturday, we had a wonderful time at Denbow’s annual Family Christmas Breakfast.  Employees, spouses and kids all enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Best Western Rainbow Country Inn, as well as fun games & gifts!

We also took the opportunity to take a team photo – both with Denbow staff, as well as with all the families.  Aren’t we a great looking bunch?!

DSC_1480 web

group photo cropped - web


Our new trailers!

If you’ve been driving the highways between Chilliwack and Merrit this week, you may have seen the newest addition to our fleet!  Paul has been pulling our brand new B-train walking floor trailers… and they are sporting our new look:

DSC_1407 web

320&321 - complete! (2) web





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We are your one-stop-shop for all your projects!  Denbow is an innovative service company that specializes in the processing, delivery and installation of forest residuals for Agriculture, Landscape and the Environment:Agricultural solutions include sawdust, shavings, wood chips and hog fuel.Landscape solutions include PlayChips, mulches, soilsaggregates and seeding services.

Environment solutions include erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, streambank restorationbiofilters

 and Cascadia Living Walls.

Manufacturing solutions include grindingon-site composting and custom blending.

Denbow provides bulk transport and express blower service for all your project needs.

Questions?  We’ll answer at 1-888-933-6269.  Or call for a quote today!

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CLIENT PROFILE: Houston Landscapes

client profile

Houston Landscapes Ltd.

houston landscapes logo

Houston Landscapes is a full service landscape construction company based in North Vancouver, BC, servicing both the North Shore and the West Side of Vancouver. They cater to both residential and commercial customers, exhibiting excellence in both hardscape installations (paving/flagstone surfaces, rock walls, water features, concrete and custom woodwork) and softscape installations (green roofs, garden installations, and lawns).

Recent accolades include receiving the BCLNA Award of Excellence for Single Family Residential properties (2 years running), being listed as a Georgie Finalist for Best Outdoor Living Space, being ranked as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by PROFIT 500, being placed among the 100 fastest-growing companies in Vancouver by Business In Vancouver (BIV), and the owner being named one of BIV’s “Forty Under 40”.

Houston Landscapes_OutdoorLivingRoom

Houston’s website:

Connect with Houston on Facebook or on YouTube.


Editors Note:  Houston is currently trying to reach 1500 “Likes” on Facebook.  If (when) they reach this by December 1, they will donate $1500 to Covenant House… Please “like” them to help the youth of Vancouver!

District of North Vancouver testimonia

We received this testimonial today from Brad Snelling, Park Designer at District of North Vancouver:

Playground distributors are notorious for overcharging us for engineered wood fibre surfacing and refusing to give us their supplier name when we ask to order separately.  You folks have broken this monopoly and have been kind enough to allow us to order for other uses and to stockpile when necessary.

Your staff are excellent – everyone from the installers to the sales rep have been great to deal with; they are fast and efficient and are interested in our projects. We appreciate the reliable and prompt service and working with nice people.

Thank you!

Brad Snelling

Park Designer

District of North Vancouver


Thank you, Brad – our pleasure to serve you!

Below is a time-lapse video of one of our projects with District of North Vancouver:

Winter Air Miles promotion!


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Keeping it Green – Sustainable Landscaping

Today we share with you an article about sustainable landscaping, soil and compost quality and Terraseeding™ from Island Farm and Garden Magazine right here on BC’s coast. 

“Sustainable landscaping is the practice of creating gardens and green spaces that are in balance with the natural local climate, environmentally friendly and help preserve resources. This includes a focus on composting, pest control measures that rely on natural solutions plus an awareness of how shade trees and the use of native species can create energy efficient landscapes.

Sheri DeBoer of EasyLiving Landscapes notes “It’s very important to start with a good assessment of the site. Awareness of the naturally occurring growing conditions like soil type, wind flow, sunlight saturation and direction allow us to create a landscape that will not only be beautiful, but thrive in this climate.”

As DeBoer works primarily with EasyLiving’s environmental and blower truck division, ESCCO Soil + Erosion, she is passionate about the positive impact that good soil can have on even the smallest scale. “A single shovel full of rich soil contains more species of organisms than can be found above ground in the entire Amazon rain forest. These organisms have developed over the millennia to work in tandem with local natural flora and fauna to create the most optimum growing medium for our ecosystem. Those microbes also help break down pollutants that exist in our urban environment. Good compost is everything.”

Terraseeding™ is a new system designed to ‘seed with soil’ in a cost effective and low-impact manner. A compost blend is filled into a blower truck and blown into the desired areas while being amended with grass seed as it is blown. In one application, without raking, wheelbarrows or graders working over your yard, the seed is being planted in an even coat – and can even be applied over existing grass that needs topdressing.

Denbow seeding services

We are happy to assist you with specifying Terraseeding™ on upcoming projects!


Because this Terraseeding process keeps areas vegetated and permeable, stormwater is able to be slowed and treated prior to reaching the stormwater infrastructure. This is beneficial because as it hits the stormwater pipes, the water is fast tracked to the closest stream, river or ocean. The more we can keep water onsite, the better; because otherwise whatever was on the road or in the lawn could be instantly transported to sensitive fish habitat. Through the use of the blower truck, ESCCO Soil + Erosion can even build structural vegetated retaining which conforms to the contours of the land, continues the cooling effect that vegetation provides and keeps the area naturalized while achieving the desired affect of retaining the earth, not to mention keeping it beautiful.


EasyLiving is a proponent of low impact development in urban areas, and their commercial projects make use of bioswales, permeable paving stones and rain gardens. A bioswale is a depression created to act as a man-made stream bed around a heavily paved area, like a parking lot. The bioswale allows for run-off water to gather in the in the depression and filter through gravel and vegetative matter, this process cleans the run-off before it enters nearby natural streams or storm sewers. Similarly, permeable paving stones are laid on the ground while allowing water to pass into the media beneath to be treated and infiltrate into the groundwater rather than flow offsite.

A rain garden allows this same run-off to enter a sunken garden area planted with native wetland species like rushes, ferns and wildflowers, which eliminates the need for fertilizers or chemicals. The resulting root system not only reduces erosion that can occur in urban developments, it also enhances the filtration of run-off water. Rain gardens and bioswales can reduce pollution by up to 30%. These vegetative features also serve as habitats for birds, frogs and bees.

As DeBoer says, “Humans need nature. We absorb the negative ions released by the grass we walk through barefoot, we love the smell after a thunderstorm as negative ions were released in the atmosphere. Negative ions boost a metabolism and alkalize the body, it’s just plain healthy to be in a green environment!”

article source