Fresh mulch for spring landscaping

Spring is definitely in the air here in the beautiful Fraser Valley!  At Denbow, that means we are busy building our stock by processing fresh piles of mulch.


What are the benefits of mulching landscape beds?  Most of us hate pulling weeds – and mulching at 2-3″ depth every other year will help keep those pesky weeds under control.  But did you know that mulching also helps retain moisture for your plants as well as maintain a better temperature for your plants?  By mulching in the spring, you’re preparing for hot summer weather.  The mulch will keep the soil cooler during extremely hot weather.  Mulch also protects the soil from eroding and depleting.  And of course, your landscape looks tidy, vibrant and beautiful!

Available in Black or Red, coloured mulch is the best choice for weed control and longer lasting colour.  Made in-house for best quality, ask for it delivered bulk, blown-in or stop by our yard with your pickup truck.


Global Landscaping Supplies

We are proud of our client relationships. And we’re proud to share the observations of those who know best what it’s like to work with – See more at:

We love our clients, and we love to share their observations about their experience with Denbow:

“We originally contacted Denbow because we were looking for another decorative alternative to rock and regular fir/hemlock bark mulch that was also in a comfortable price range. Our customers are very pleased with the variety of selections and that the product color lasts longer and doesn’t decompose as quickly. Love the vibrant colors and of course the price levels. Denbow’s staff is always friendly, willing to listen and accommodating even given that we are a small landscape yard. We’d always recommend Denbow for the quality and cost of the products as well as the service received. We have also referred Denbow’s mulch blowing service for the unreachable backyards and slopes”

Pat @ Global Landscaping Supplies Ltd

7085 Bridge Street, Mission BC

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Time Change Reminder!

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Spring Air Miles® promotion


We are geared up for spring & invite you to take advantage of our newest Air Miles® promotion!

Contact us today for all your mulch and seeding needs.


Denbow employees give custom made gift

At our annual New Year’s Dinner, Denbow employees gave a special gift to owners Bill & Joanne Boesterd.

A custom made wood model of our new b-train trailers!
















The model was hand made by a grandpa of one of our driver’s wife.  Mr. Jake Esau spends his time each year making wooden models of equipment from excavators to semi trucks.  He started doing this so that the items could be sold at the Annual MCC sale, with the proceeds supporting various missions projects around the world.  As well, some of the proceeds from his items go to support Pines Bible Camp.  Earlier this year Denbow assisted the camp with site cleanup and grinding following a devastating storm.


Thank you, Mr. Esau, for doing an amazing job – what talent you have! We were happy to support your projects while giving such a unique and personal gift to Bill & Joanne.  Bill is proudly displaying the model in his office.


Happy February – Air Miles promotion!


Take advantage of the last month of our winter Air Miles promotion – all qualifying orders delivered by the end of February will earn DOUBLE Air Miles®!

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The Name Denbow

We are often asked the question of how Denbow became our company name.  President Bill Boesterd shares the story:

It was the summer 1981, July 1st, and we were in business. The run up to this date was filled with what we felt were more important activities than determining how we should structure the legal identification of our business, thus we set up a simple partnership between Joanne and myself and decided our business name would be B & J Transport.

B & J, short for Bill & Joanne. The trucks were all lettered up – hand painted in those days, so no quick accomplishment!

B&J Transport Ltd.

B&J Transport Ltd.















A few months later, with the advice of our accountants, it was decided that an incorporated entity, for various reasons, was a better business structure to operate under. On investigation we discovered that B & J Transport Ltd. was not an option, as the name in too close to another firm that was already in existence. We needed a new name.

We started writing down as many names as we could think of that would give us memorable identity. Branding never entered our minds.  Among the many options was Denbow Transport Ltd.  My Dutch European last name originally was DenBoesterd.  As a result of some naming complications, my Dad had shortened that up to Boesterd. Boe can be pronounced Boo or Bow. Thus the shortened version Denbow came about as an option. Nothing complicated, no exciting strategy or thought process. Just a simple option.

On a cold, wet winter morning after our trucks and their loads of live poultry were safely delivered to Scott Poultry in Port Coquitlam, five drivers and myself sat down at our favorite breakfast restaurant in the area. After coffee was poured, and the usual light banter quieted down, I pulled out my list of approximately 20 carefully thought through potentials to rename our company. To this day I still remember how quickly we came to a consensus. The new name, we all agreed, if it could be, would be Denbow Transport Ltd. That settled, we enjoyed our favorite breakfasts, and carried on with our day.

A simple process, decided on by few truck drivers and now Denbow is a name we assemble under collectively with pride and gratitude.

And now….you know the rest of the story.

Bill Boesterd, January 2014


The Denbow team today with our current logo

The Denbow team today with our current logo


Denbow Staff Christmas Videos!

We had a little fun with some staff members… for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Correctly identify staff members in the videos on our social media pages to be entered to win a prize in January!!

Enter staff names by commenting on any of these sites to be entered to wiin:

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Merry Christmas from Denbow!

Denbow’s team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We are thankful for our relationship with you and look forward to seeing you in 2014 🙂

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Our office over the holidays are:
Christmas Eve – closed at noon
Christmas Day & Boxing Day – closed
Friday December 27 & Monday December 30 – open 8am-5pm
New Year’s Eve – closed at noon
New Year’s Day – closed
Friday January 2 – open 8am-5pm


Enjoy your time off!


Our new trailers!

If you’ve been driving the highways between Chilliwack and Merrit this week, you may have seen the newest addition to our fleet!  Paul has been pulling our brand new B-train walking floor trailers… and they are sporting our new look:

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