Marketplace Chaplains

One of Denbow’s company values is ‘Community’.  This encompasses the community in which we do business in, as well as the community of Denbow employees.  Owner Bill Boesterd places a high value on people and because of this, he has enlisted Marketplace Chaplains Canada to help provide ‘Exceptional Employee Care’.

Marketplace Chaplains Canada provides care for Denbow employees and their families.   Our chaplains visit Denbow once a week, checking in with employees and making themselves available.  Employees are encouraged to utilize the chaplains if they need to talk about anything – issues at work, in their personal life, or if a crisis situation arises.  The professionally trained and experienced Chaplains build relationships of trust and confidence and are on call at all hours to help out with any life issues.  Bill tells his employees “I hope this provides an opportunity for you to be heard around concerns or suggested improvements, for you and your family to be cared for during a tough time, and a host of other care opportunities.”

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Marketplace Chaplains Canada