EcoBlanket riprap compost Langley Denbow

Riparian Revegetation

It’s #safetyfirst for our crews when working on slopes. Our guys are certified in fall protection harness work and have training for operating on steep slopes with the correct, safe equipment.

Here we are applying seeded compost over rip-rap in a riparian area in the Township of Langley for CAP Ventures.   By using a blower truck to apply the product, we are able to install into areas that aren’t easily accessible with equipment, and do the finishing work without any more disturbance to the site.

Construction and infrastructure improvements are necessary and when complete, the natural and riparian areas on the site can easily be restored with vegetation native to the area.  Terraseeded EcoBlanket is a one step low impact process that mimics nature – a layer of clean compost (just like the forest makes naturally) with native seed injected directly into it.  Usually within 5-7 days the seed is germinated, especially in early fall BC weather mix of rain and sunshine.

Our compost-based solutions for erosion and sediment control meet or exceed all local ESC bylaws.   Read: 9 Benefits to Using Compost for Erosion & Sediment Control

EcoBlanket riprap compost Langley Denbow