From Dust to Density: The  Revolution in Aggregate Installation

Here at Denbow, we believe that aggregate absolutely rocks and can be used many all projects, large and small. With that being said, we understand the challenges of working within small spaces are abundant. However, with the right materials and our pneumatic Express Blower trucks, these limitations can be transformed into opportunities for innovation and creativity. In this blog post we’d like to take you through the possibilities of aggregate, diving deep into what it is, how you can use it in small spaces, and how Denbow can help you save countless hours on installation.

What is it?

Aggregate, by definition, is “a whole formed by combining several”. The aggregate we are talking about is a broad category of coarse to medium-grained particulate material used in construction and landscaping. There is a wide variety of aggregate in this world, and we here at Denbow carry three types.

  • Round Rock: This is a round rock up to 1” in diameter.
  • Birdseye: This is a round rock up to 8mm in diameter.
  • Pea Gravel: This is a round rock up to 5mm in diameter.

Why use it in your projects?

It’s important to understand just why you would want to use aggregate in your projects, particularly in smaller spaces. Below are a few examples of why aggregate is the right fit for these spaces.

Space Optimization: When working in small spaces such as basements, under house crawl spaces and both indoor and outdoor gardens, it is important to optimize the space. Aggregate will offer a stable durable surface without occupying excessive space.

Design Flexibility: Even with limited space, the design possibilities using aggregate remain endless. It’s varied textures, colors and sizes allow for customizable aesthetics that can complement any space.

Drainage Management: Aggregate isn’t just a pretty face, it provides crucial and effective drainage, especially in confined areas where water runoff becomes quickly problematic. Aggregate’s permeable nature facilitates efficient drainage by allowing water to infiltrate into the ground, reducing the risk of erosion, flooding and waterlogging.

Low Maintenance: In small spaces where maintenance can easily become overwhelming, choosing low maintenance materials is key. Aggregate requires minimal upkeep, making it an ideal option for busy homeowners or property managers.

Denbow can help you with that!

We know that aggregate can be used in a variety of projects, including smaller spaces. While you could grab some aggregate, a shovel and a wheelbarrow and try to install it yourself, Denbow can save you valuable time (and a backache) by easily installing aggregate for you with our pneumatic Express Blower trucks. It is fast, convenient, and will save you valuable time and money. While our team members are working to install the aggregate for you, your labourers could be working on other elements of your project, allowing them to finish the job quicker!

We hope this article has helped you dive a bit further into the world of aggregate and how it can be used in your projects. Consider Denbow’s help with installation, no matter the size of your project, to help you save time, money, and get the job done right!