Mulch now!

It is not too late in the year to mulch your landscape beds…  Mulching helps retain moisture for your plants – extra important in the hot weather we’ve been experiencing here in the Fraser Valley!



We offer delivery options for your mulch needs… choose from:

bulk delivery (in a pile in your driveway)

installation (directly into your landscape beds with our blower trucks)

– pick up (you pick up at our Chilliwack facility with your truck)




Not sure what kind of mulch you’d like?  Check out all our mulch info, or feel free to stop by to view our products!

Call us today for a quote:  1-888-933-6269



Black Coloured Mulch

We make our Coloured Mulches to ensure the best quality product for your landscaping:

Made locally from recycled BC Wood:

2013 07 Black Coloured Mulch (1)


The wood is re-sized and coloured in one step:

2013 07 Black Coloured Mulch (3)


2013 07 Black Coloured Mulch (5)


The final product – a rich Black Coloured Mulch ready for your garden beds:

2013 07 Black Coloured Mulch (4)


.2013 07 Black Coloured Mulch (6)

We also make Red Coloured Mulch.  Order yours today!

Denbow dads & kids camp-out

This weekend we are sending the Denbow men and their kids camping!

The office is full of all kinds of yummy food we’re sending with them, and the kids are very excited to spend the weekend with Dad and all the other Denbow kids! We like to give mom’s a quiet Friday night, and then everyone will meet up tomorrow for a picnic at the lake.

Have fun, guys – making lifelong memories with your kids!

2013 camping



>July 4, 2013 – Cascadia Wall Installation

We are currently building a Cascadia Green Wall system in Abbotsford at Straiton Mountain Estates.  This new development is “A Community At Home With Nature” and the Cascadia system fits perfectly with the natural elements of the area.


2013 06 - Straiton Estates - Cascadia Green Wall - installation1

2013 06 - Straiton Estates - Cascadia Green Wall - installation2

2013 06 - Straiton Estates - Cascadia Green Wall - installation3

Cascadia is built using Filtrexx® FilterSoxx™ wrapped with geogrid which provides a continuous wall system that is both robust and flexible.

2013 06 - Straiton Estates - Cascadia Green Wall - installation4


Cascadia lends itself to adjust to topographical conditions and is able to follow natural curves in the landscape.


2013 06 - Straiton Estates - Cascadia Green Wall - installation5

The first terrace is complete at 9 feet / 2.7 meters high.


Check back here for project updates.  For more information about our Cascadia Green Wall System, please see