aggregate installation, not by wheelbarrow

Rock Blowing 101: Aggregate Installation, the Smart Way

You can lug it or just throw it. Aggregate installation with a rock blowing truck is an incredibly easy and effective method for creating a maintenance-free landscape. A completely natural option, aggregate materials like round rock and pea gravel are readily installed with specialized pneumatic Express Blower trucks. So no matter what amount of aggregate you’re looking for, installation into difficult to reach places for construction or landscape is not a problem.


Wondering how much back-breaking labour hours you’ll require to get rock into that basement? Consider these key reasons for why installation with blower truck can save you valuable time & money:

  • Fast.  Depending on site conditions, 10-12 yards of rock can be placed in an hour!
  • Convenient. It can be frustrating to get rock into basements, crawl spaces, multi-level gardens, greenroofs, etc.  With the blower truck it’s not a problem.
  • Save time & money.   Just a phone call and your rock can be placed! Your labourers are available to continue working on other  portions of the project rather than shoveling aggregates.  This helps you get your project completed quicker.


Not sure whether aggregate materials are the best option for your landscape? Consider these key reasons for why round rocks and gravel make for great landscape additions:

  • Beauty.  Natural, clean, and beautiful, aggregate materials  can give your landscaping with a clean finished look
  • Durability.  Aggregates are especially durable and hold up well as both under pedestrians and vehicular use.
  • Functionality.  Aggregates offer outstanding weed control and drainage functionalities that make the material ideal for use in areas like driveways, pedestrian pathways, and rock garden areas.
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Rooftop aggregate blowing

There are a variety of aggregates that you can easily have blown into place with Denbow blower trucks. These varieties include:

  • Round Rock up to 1″ in diameter
  • Birdseye
  • Pea Gravel

Choosing the Right Rock for the Job

After selecting the right aggregates for your landscape needs, the next step is installation. While you certainly can load it up in a pick-up truck or have it delivered in a pile and use the time-tested wheelbarrow and shovel method, why bother when you can have it more efficiently installed with our deluxe pneumatic Express Blower trucks?

With our specialized blowing trucks, we blow round aggregates up to 1″ in size as far as 100 to 150 feet away from the truck. This allows for easy and efficient rock installation in hard to reach locations, environmentally sensitive areas, and other spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible by conventional equipment. Areas like:

  • Rooftop Terraces and Gardens
  • Beaches for Beach Walkways
  • Retaining Walls and Ditch Backfills
  • Roof Ballasts
  • Trails and Specialized Walkways
  • Basements and Under House Crawl Spaces
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gardens
  • Landscaping
  • Environmentally Sensitive Locations
  • Greenroofs

To learn more about our blown-in aggregate installation service and about the various aggregates you can use in your next project, contact us today at Denbow. Our team specializes in the processing, delivery, and installation of a variety of landscaping materials, servicing the greater Vancouver, BC area. Learn more and get a free estimate today!

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